BREADCHAINA community of decentralized, cooperatives projects

A place to forge solidarity through tech projects that help us build a truly cooperative, democratic economy.

Cooperative Decentralization

A better way to manage resources in common ownership.

There are four major principles that guide Breadchain projects through the use of DAOs and other DLT-based socioeconomic organizations.

Economic Democracy
We strive for an economy in which resources are allocated democratically rather than solely through market forces.
Mutual Aid
We believe in communal solidarity through reciprocal exchange for mutual benefit so everyone can live a dignified life.
Transparent Governance
Everyone should be able to have a say and those given power by the community must be held responsible for their decisions for all to see.
Dual Power
We must build parallel institutions from the grassroots using the tools we have because technology without direct social intervention only favors those in power.